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Does writing help you in Selfawareness?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Today all you have to do is rant in your stories or comment on random user posts to vent your emotions. Do you remember, back in the day, when there were no smart phones or social media, how did we pour out our feelings? Let’s run down the memory lane and go through the tools we once used ! Yeah you got it right ! We used a simple pen and paper to scribble down our mind. Either be it the infamous FLAMES or XOXO or even random doodles, we would dump on the back of our books.

It’s another thing that with technology and blogging, the art of writing did take a downfall. But wait ! What happens when one thing becomes the sole source to everything? You take a deviation for relaxation! Now that all our classes, work , entertainment are through our smart “devices”, it tends to create a digital fatigue and diminishes our thinking ability. Even now as I am typing down this, I do not feel the comfort I ever had with scribbling on a piece of paper. I mean you of course have the eraser to all blunders “ THE UNDO” in these gadgets, but what is uneditable are your true feelings seen in the first draft. Now that I have ranted about random old memories, let me tell you that the concept of journaling is making a comeback. Now now now, don’t get overwhelmed by this fancy term! Its exactly what you did as a child- Dump your thoughts.

If you are contemplating the necessity of journaling, here are a few advantages of it:

1.Journaling strengthens your immune system

  1. It helps you heal faster

  2. It reduces your stress and anxiety

  3. It helps you learn from your experiences

  4. It improves your communication skills

  5. It helps you sleep better

  6. It moves you towards your goals

  7. It helps you solve problems

  8. It boosts your creativity

  9. It improves your sense of gratitude

  10. It gives you a bigger picture of life

  11. It helps you discover your voice

  12. It leaves a record for your future self

  13. It boosts your self esteem and mindfulness

How is writing helping your health ?

Firstly , it’s a way of disclosing emotions rather than stuffing them down deep in your mind, which can be extremely harmful for our health.Many of us have a hidden pain or shame that we cannot share with others, swarming around our brains in images and emotions with the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Through writing, our pain gets translated into words that are a form of our feelings. This can give you a clarity of thoughts and might give you a direction of action. Writing allows us to organise our thoughts into a flow or string, giving us a chance to understand and analyse the cause and effect and form a story. Through this process, we can also understand them in new ways, coming upon insights about ourselves and the world.

If you think that you need improvement in any of these factors, you should definitely try journalling. You can always start small with a blank notebook. If you are search for some aesthetic notebooks , journals or wallpapers , check our store.

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