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Hacks for a productive life

All of us has 24 hours in day. It all depends on how you utilise it. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you are being productive. Productivity has nothing to do with working for hours long. Ever wondered how giants and geniuses do it? Here are 7 hacks that can help you being productive.

#1 : Categorize your tasks for the day

When you know where not to spend your time, You can focus your energy on the required ones. Categorize them as : Important but not urgent, Important and urgent, Not Important but urgent, Not Important and not urgent.

#2 : Procrastinate productively

You know that feeling one gets after scrolling for an hour aimlessly browsing through Instagram reels? Yeah, quite a guilty one. Right? So if you want to procrastinate, do it in a productive way. Look for something that doesn’t have to do with your work, so your mind can relax. My particular favourites are new books or organization videos. Do something exciting that’s outside of what you would usually do -- for instance, check out a DIY youtube tutorial or read the finance column in a newspaper. Set a tiny goal for what you want to get done with your procrastination time and you’ll feel energized and focused afterwards.

#3: Do the easiest task first

What you do in the morning will likely set up your flow for the rest of the day. If you have trouble starting out, you can start your workday with the easiest tasks first. This way you are able to tick some items off of your to-do list and build a flow. You can then gradually move onto the not-so-easy tasks.

#4: Group Similar Tasks

Batch similar tasks so you can complete them with the same zone of mind. This will make your work progress smoothly and help you do more in less time.

#5: Identify the ‘Why’ Behind Your Job

Ask yourself why you chose to go into the field that you did. Make sure to keep those reasons in your mind while working so you stay motivated to be productive and successful in your job.

#6: Put your phone on DND mode

In this era of smart phone and social media, we often tend to get distracted by the notifications and buzzing. Put your phone on DND mode and away from the space you are working. Treat your to social media break only after you complete the set goal.

#7: Set one goal for a day

Do not break your goal into smaller tasks as that can overwhelm your brain into thinking you have lot of stuff to do. Instead on one single goal for the entire day.

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