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How to reset your goals

We are technically in the middle of the year. The excitement, the joy of new resolutions might have simmer down at this point. The priority these goals had then might have subsided with new experiences gained. Hence, in this post we talk about how to refresh your goals for the next six months. These are what we have been practising and they seem to be working for us. So thought why not share it with you too!

1.Categorical resetting: Divide your goals into various aspects of your life - Social, financial, personal, career, relationships etc. Plan these categories for each month. This will ease you by lowering down the number of tasks and will help you stay motivated.

2. Routine mapping: At the beginning of the year, you might have made an ideal "IT Person" routine. From waking up at 5 AM to losing weight in 3 months! We all make great plans. We made too! Are we sticking to it ? Might not be. But we are getting there. How do you do it ? Take a paper and write down what you want your day to look like. be very precise. Put it down like an algorithm. Keep it in front of your vision to be constantly reminded. Guilt trip yourself.

3. Plan by quality not by quantity: We tend to plan by time blocking our day. We suggest you to plan by tasks with prescribed time. Our usual tendency is to create a time table i.e 8-8:30 (workout), 8:30-9:00 (reading). This time blocking can make you more focused on the time spent rather than the quality of time spent. Instead, set a list of tasks for the day and a prescribed time. Ex: I shall read for 30 minutes everyday. I shall workout for 60 minutes everyday.

4. Journal everyday: The need to journal your thoughts goes much deeper than you realise. As someone with whose gone through therapy, we understand how effective dumping your thoughts can be. This is an experience that we cannot describe. It needs to be felt. Write down your worries, achievements, failures and even the silliest jokes.

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