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Journal Prompts for self discovery

Updated: May 16, 2022

Here are some prompts to help you with journalling for self discovery. There is no particular order to answering these. Answer each of them at your own pace and interest. Happy self discovery.

#1: What am I most proud of?

#2: Is the story my mind is telling me what I believe to be the truth? Has it been known to be wrong in the past?

#3: What is my purpose/what purpose do I serve?

#4: What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

#5: How does it feel when I follow my heart? How does it feel when I follow my logical mind?

#6: Is the career I am pursuing what I want or what family members in my life wants?

#7: Do I seek external validation (social media, approval of parents / friends, relationships etc) to feel complete? Do I feel whole or complete when I am alone?

#8: Are there aspects of my behaviour that I could improve upon?

#9: Am I trying to use another

person or addiction (alcohol, drugs, shopping, etc) to fill the void I feel within myself?

#10: If I lost all my material possessions, would I lose my identity?

#11: What is keeping me from pursuing my dream? Are those things real or fear disguised as practicality?

#12: What does “a good life” look like to me?

#13: If I were to die today, would I be proud of who I have been and what I’ve chosen to pursue in life?

#14: How do I deal with negative feelings? Are these coping mechanisms healthy?

#15: Which book has most influenced my life? Why?

#16: Are there conversational or personal topics that I tend to avoid?

#17: Have I learned from my past mistakes? How have they impacted my life?

#18: Do I prioritize my health?

#19: What aspects of my life am I holding back in?

#20: Am I free? If n

ot, what is my freedom worth? What would I give up for freedom?

#21: What are my boundaries? How do I enforce them? When do I hesitate to enforce them?

#22: What do I pray for? To who or to what am I praying? How do I expect a response?

#23: Where do I find happiness? Is it from a material, spiritual, or interpersonal source?

#24: Without my memories, would I be the same? Do I believe some fundamental things would be the same? If so, which things?

#25: Do I believe

in ‘the one’ or soulmates? Or do I think that I can fully love many people over my lifetime?

#26: Are there grudges from the past that I still hold against members of my family? What could help me heal from those experiences?

#27: Which family members do I admire? Why?

#28: How do I measure a productive day?

#29: Would I be okay to let go of a long-held professional goal if I discovered that it no longer suited me?

#30: How balanced is my life between home and work?

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