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Self care activities for all

Self care though today is a much used term, the idea of materialistic self care is over hyped. The thought that you need certain services to experience care is quite exaggerated. A spa day, a self date or a luxury purchase sounds all boojie and fancy. But is this idea of selfcare affordable and accessible to all ? Definitely not.Do they have an impact? An instant one. Here are few self care activities that you can do everyday without burning a hole in your pocket and are sustainable practises.

#1: Take 5 minutes to decompress everyday.

Put your phone away for 5 minutes. Sit down and observe your thoughts. Write them down. This brings your certain clarity of thought.

#2: Move for atleast 30 minutes everyday.

You don't need HIIT workout or circuit training for this. All you need is to simply walk , dance or jog. Whatever suits your body. You don't have to do it all at once. Do it intervals through the day. Physical movement releases endorphins that help your mood.

#3: Read everyday

Reading is a low dopamine activity that helps in maintaining the dopamine sensitivity . Since a majority of activities from playing game to watching movies include high dopamine production, its essential to balance it out. At the same time, books help you with a better imagination and a wider perspective from an expert. Set a time to read, not the pages you need to complete.

#4: Journal your mind

Dump your mind, Do creative journaling, write a letter to someone, make a gratitude list . Totally upto you. Set a time and fill your heart out!

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