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  • How to reset your goals

    We are technically in the middle of the year. The excitement, the joy of new resolutions might have simmer down at this point. The priority these goals had then might have subsided with new experiences gained. Hence, in this post we talk about how to refresh your goals for the next six months. These are what we have been practising and they seem to be working for us. So thought why not share it with you too! 1.Categorical resetting: Divide your goals into various aspects of your life - Social, financial, personal, career, relationships etc. Plan these categories for each month. This will ease you by lowering down the number of tasks and will help you stay motivated. 2. Routine mapping: At the beginning of the year, you might have made an ideal "IT Person" routine. From waking up at 5 AM to losing weight in 3 months! We all make great plans. We made too! Are we sticking to it ? Might not be. But we are getting there. How do you do it ? Take a paper and write down what you want your day to look like. be very precise. Put it down like an algorithm. Keep it in front of your vision to be constantly reminded. Guilt trip yourself. 3. Plan by quality not by quantity: We tend to plan by time blocking our day. We suggest you to plan by tasks with prescribed time. Our usual tendency is to create a time table i.e 8-8:30 (workout), 8:30-9:00 (reading). This time blocking can make you more focused on the time spent rather than the quality of time spent. Instead, set a list of tasks for the day and a prescribed time. Ex: I shall read for 30 minutes everyday. I shall workout for 60 minutes everyday. 4. Journal everyday: The need to journal your thoughts goes much deeper than you realise. As someone with whose gone through therapy, we understand how effective dumping your thoughts can be. This is an experience that we cannot describe. It needs to be felt. Write down your worries, achievements, failures and even the silliest jokes.

  • Self care activities for all

    Self care though today is a much used term, the idea of materialistic self care is over hyped. The thought that you need certain services to experience care is quite exaggerated. A spa day, a self date or a luxury purchase sounds all boojie and fancy. But is this idea of selfcare affordable and accessible to all ? Definitely not.Do they have an impact? An instant one. Here are few self care activities that you can do everyday without burning a hole in your pocket and are sustainable practises. #1: Take 5 minutes to decompress everyday. Put your phone away for 5 minutes. Sit down and observe your thoughts. Write them down. This brings your certain clarity of thought. #2: Move for atleast 30 minutes everyday. You don't need HIIT workout or circuit training for this. All you need is to simply walk , dance or jog. Whatever suits your body. You don't have to do it all at once. Do it intervals through the day. Physical movement releases endorphins that help your mood. #3: Read everyday Reading is a low dopamine activity that helps in maintaining the dopamine sensitivity . Since a majority of activities from playing game to watching movies include high dopamine production, its essential to balance it out. At the same time, books help you with a better imagination and a wider perspective from an expert. Set a time to read, not the pages you need to complete. #4: Journal your mind Dump your mind, Do creative journaling, write a letter to someone, make a gratitude list . Totally upto you. Set a time and fill your heart out!

  • Hacks for a productive life

    All of us has 24 hours in day. It all depends on how you utilise it. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you are being productive. Productivity has nothing to do with working for hours long. Ever wondered how giants and geniuses do it? Here are 7 hacks that can help you being productive. #1 : Categorize your tasks for the day When you know where not to spend your time, You can focus your energy on the required ones. Categorize them as : Important but not urgent, Important and urgent, Not Important but urgent, Not Important and not urgent. #2 : Procrastinate productively You know that feeling one gets after scrolling for an hour aimlessly browsing through Instagram reels? Yeah, quite a guilty one. Right? So if you want to procrastinate, do it in a productive way. Look for something that doesn’t have to do with your work, so your mind can relax. My particular favourites are new books or organization videos. Do something exciting that’s outside of what you would usually do -- for instance, check out a DIY youtube tutorial or read the finance column in a newspaper. Set a tiny goal for what you want to get done with your procrastination time and you’ll feel energized and focused afterwards. #3: Do the easiest task first What you do in the morning will likely set up your flow for the rest of the day. If you have trouble starting out, you can start your workday with the easiest tasks first. This way you are able to tick some items off of your to-do list and build a flow. You can then gradually move onto the not-so-easy tasks. #4: Group Similar Tasks Batch similar tasks so you can complete them with the same zone of mind. This will make your work progress smoothly and help you do more in less time. #5: Identify the ‘Why’ Behind Your Job Ask yourself why you chose to go into the field that you did. Make sure to keep those reasons in your mind while working so you stay motivated to be productive and successful in your job. #6: Put your phone on DND mode In this era of smart phone and social media, we often tend to get distracted by the notifications and buzzing. Put your phone on DND mode and away from the space you are working. Treat your to social media break only after you complete the set goal. #7: Set one goal for a day Do not break your goal into smaller tasks as that can overwhelm your brain into thinking you have lot of stuff to do. Instead on one single goal for the entire day.

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  • Home | Emotion&co

    Invest in your growth All of yourself guided planner Now available for pre order Shop Planners Let your dreams flow. Have fun with Imagination. Dreams dotted journal Shop Now Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? worried? Worry Journal Best Seller. Shop Now SHOP FOR SELFLOVE & SELFCARE Self love Calendar : ​ 30 day Challenge Shop Going to bed with unlisted thoughts can lead to uncomfortable sleep. ​ List your thoughts with Bedtime Brain Dump Shop DUMP YOUR THOUGHTS EMOTIONS BEHIND EMOTION&CO. As humans, we tend to believe and develop perception of ourselves according to people and system around us. What we truly miss out is the ability to dive into our inner self and connect with our own emotions. We at Emotion&Co. design for emotional intelligence Our Story THE EMOTIONS DUMP How to reset your goals We are technically in the middle of the year. The excitement, the joy of new resolutions might have simmer down at this point. The... Self care activities for all Self care though today is a much used term, the idea of materialistic self care is over hyped. The thought that you need certain services... Hacks for a productive life All of us has 24 hours in day. It all depends on how you utilise it. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you are being productive.... Learn More

  • Our Story | Emotion&co

    ABOUT US Not being emotionally intelligent can hinder your personality, abilities and decision making and profession in life. ​ We at Emotion&Co are on a journey in connecting with our inner self, understand our emotions, develop perception of ourselves, grow as an individual and live a peaceful and fruitful life. Join us in this journey of emotional intelligence. ⋒ Feeling worried, overwhelmed, or full of doubt when it comes to understanding your characteristics and personality? ⋒ Tired of not being able to understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours? ⋒ Not able to understand what your abilities, goals and aspirations are? ⋒ Think that personal development is a boring journey? ⋒ Want to change the perception you have of yourself? ​ If you’re ready to learn how to ditch self doubt, prioritize yourself, and build a mindset that helps you control your life well so that you can make your dreams happen without sacrificing your mental health then you are in the right place. MEET THE FOUNDER Hi, I’m Rachana Velugoti - your self awareness BFF. ​ I am a communication designer, illustrator, content creator and emotional intelligence advocate. I talk and create feel good content about self awareness and personal growth. ​ With a master's degree in Communication design, I am passionate about using my social platforms to spread awareness about emotional intelligence and wellbeing, to change the idea of how we talk about these topics to each other. ​ I work to promote the idea that emotional wellbeing and being conscious of oneself are neither boring nor are they for elderly spiritual people. ​ I am also passionate about promoting creative happiness, aiming to share a dash of fun elements in my work and to remind people to believe in your own magic and follow your dreams. ​ Follow Me Instagram: @rachana__velugoti Facebook: @Emotion&Co. LinkedIn: @Rachana_Velugoti ​

  • Work with me | Emotion&co

    Let's work together- My services for Selfawareness Social media graphics Are you looking for punch of positivity, fun & colour for your own Instagram feed? Or do you want to amp up your stories with some colourful, illustrated themes? We can work together for that! ​ Creating content that is fun, engaging and informative is on the top of every creator and business owners list – we know it’s good for our personal brands and engagement boost. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with content creation or want to add some fun, unique touch to your feed/stories then get in touch to find out more about ​ static illustrated squares (sets of 5) illustrated carousel posts story backgrounds & highlight covers gif design Photo Editing Want your photos to stand out, stop the scrolling & engage your audience in a new way? We got your back! ​ Creating photos that stand out from others is becoming more challenging in today's hustle culture. Adding illustrated edits to your photos can give them a new edge and an extra touch of personality to help promote your content, brand, products or services. Custom Illustrations & design Do you have a project in mind that you would like to add a touch of illustration, colour and positivity to? Let’s chat! ​ If you have a specific project you are working on or product you are developing that you would like to see brought to life, then get in touch and let’s see if we can make it happen. We provide a huge range of projects including: ​ Custom digital quote prints Book illustration Branding/Identity Print design Educational material Presentation slides Product packaging Invites/Greetings Custom Font Design Mentor Interested in the field of design but have no idea of where to begin? We guide you through various design fields, entrance exams, colleges and opportunities in India. Collaboration and Content creation Have an idea about how we might work well together? Do you think our styles and values would merge well together? Do you have an idea about a fun collaboration, interested in hosting live content together or want to work on a campaign? Get in touch, share your ideas and let’s connect more! Click to work together Brands Worked With

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